My goal in life is to help people. My job as a teacher is to deliver the teachings in their purist form and allow the student to have their own experience. A teacher of Kundalini yoga has a commitment to the student, this is not drive through yoga.

Kundalini yoga IS the yoga of change...

Har Dev Kaur
yoga instructor/owner

Blackstone MA 01504

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(508) 928-1026

Small Customized Classes

Limited to 5 People

Men's only

Plus Size Women
Pregnant Women

Classes held in private Yoga Studio
Overlooking Harris Pond

Har Dev Kaur has been practicing Kundaliini yoga for 8 years, received instructor training at the Omega institute, and has a BSN degree from UMASS Boston. In addition to her home based business, Har Dev works as an emergency room nurse and part time labor and delivery nurse. Har Dev is also an instructor for the YMCA and is currently teaching in the public school system in Providence.

Classes by Appointment thru 2007
Regularly Scheduled Classes starting in January 2008
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Last update 03/12/2008